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It is with immense pleasure that we introduce iLanga Systems to you.

We are a company based in KENYA, established in 2004 with focus on providing integrated software and financial management solutions to our clients. We are a fast growing establishment with a very pragmatic approach to business.

ILANGA SYSTEMS is a company dedicated to on time solutions, implementations and support to our clients. We pride ourselves on our personal service that we provide as well as being cost effective.

Our main clientele are governmental and non-governmental departments within the following regions in Africa (Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa, Botswana, Mozambique).

By using our professional and well-versed expertise in all the respective fields that we are involved in, we are able to maintain and guarantee reliable and cost effective products and services. 


iLanga Systems delivers business specific software that helps enterprising organizations of all sizes adapt to rapid change. With experience built in, our solutions are helping many companies meet their goals in a global market place. Our solid track record and large customer base indicate our ability to deliver solutions on time and on budget, with the ultimate focus on the value of our projects to our customers.

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iLanga Systems was established in 1998 specializing in Software Solutions. iLanga Systems has developed and is able to provide solutions for a wide range of industries including retail, distribution, manufacturing, professional services, rental, education, hospitality, oil and gas, financial industries etc. Our understanding of this environment has enabled us to develop solutions applicable to the markets within which our clients operate.

Our offerings are aligned to our strategy to become a supplier of quality software solutions that contribute to our clients’ profitability and business performance. We provide systems consulting with an emphasis on the delivery of business intelligence, analysis of transactions, forward projections, calculations of profitability, budgets and KPI’s that are all executed in a real-time environment. We are solutions driven in a market characterized by rapid change.

Development and integration of customized software solutions for our clients ensure that they derive maximum benefit from their investment in technology. Customer-centricity is central to our service delivery as we continue to form long term partnerships that contribute to growth and performance of our clients. iLanga Systems is a dynamic group of people committed to delivering high levels of professional service underpinned by strategic commitments in the quest to demonstrate value and work together with our customers towards achieving this goal.

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