Hospitality Industry.

Hospitality software serving hotels and resorts globally

Streamline and improve hotel operations. Ensure outstanding visitor experiences. Employ a clever strategy.

Infor’s integrated cloud hospitality software for hotels and resorts helps organizations to build their business on a scalable, end-to-end technology platform.
Infor is committed to helping businesses streamline operations, maximize profitability, deliver great guest experiences, and compete globally today and in the future.

Managing revenue and yield more intelligently and efficiently

Leverage the power of data science to optimize total revenue potential.

  • Maximize occupancy while protecting rates via automation
  • Source strategic insights from focused analytics to make better decisions based on real data in real time from multiple sources
  • Enable “always on” functionality to ensure action on the most recent data, around the clock
  • Generate detailed demand forecasting information while on site or on the go
  • Implement strategies across multiple sales channels via cloud-based solutions and infrastructure.

Fostering scalable digital transformation in a shifting industry landscape

Scale operations across all locations with a secure, integrated hospitality cloud platform.

  • Apply last-mile hospitality industry-specific functionality in a scalable and secure cloud implementation
  • Deploy across multiple locations and brands via cloud-based multi-tenant Amazon Web Services® (AWS®) infrastructure
  • Ensure ongoing compliance such as PCI PADSS, CCPA and GDPR and other regulatory compliance requirements
  • Incorporate machine learning-driven data science and analytics for quick decision-making informed by real business data
  • Increase productivity and profitability with mobility, analytics, business intelligence, team collaboration, to help identify industry-specific KPIs to support decision making